As man continues to dominate the natural environments of animals many are put at risk of extinction.  Poachers are robbing the planet of some of its most endangered species, all to satisfy the greed and vanity of a few individuals.

Animals continue to die in captivity due to the ignorance of the humans given the responsibility of their care.

We all have to ask ourselves what is the solution?  We all need to work tirelessly to achieve the survival of all animals and our planet.

Money put into conservation must be used for its given purpose rather than be eaten up in the administration of the organizations which administer the charities.  Bureaucracy needs to be put on hold for the benefit of animals and humans alike.

The purpose of funds raised should be to purchase large parcels of land where animals can be released into their natural habitats.  The purpose should be education of the locals.  The purpose should be eradication of poverty in these areas.  The funds should ensure policing of these areas with relevant qualified and passionate individuals to ensure the health, safety and well being of the animals released into these habitats.

I charge you to all take responsibility for the long term survival of our animals and our planet.

Lionman becomes King of the screens

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